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Est. 1892

The German Club


 is the oldest non-greek fraternal organization at Virginia Tech. It was founded in 1892 to provide a social outlet for the student body. The name was derived from the German Waltz, a popular dance when the club was founded.


The motto of the German Club, Leadership for Service through Fellowship, describes the focus of the club. One of the club’s primary goals is service to the University and local communities. Members of the club dedicate thousands of man-hours annually for service projects such as holiday parties for under-privileged children, Special Olympics, the Christmas Store, and campus and community clean-ups. Devotion to Virginia Tech and leadership development become natural consequences of German Club membership. Our members are active in leadership positions in academic societies, the Corps of Cadets, the student body and government, residence halls, and many other aspects of student life. Founded as a social organization, the German Club continues to promote fellowship with socials with sororities, club parties, and the traditional Midwinter’s Dance.


The German Club has adapted to the changes of the past 100 years and has kept pace with the developing needs of the University and the student community. Through this change, the club is unified over the years by the ‘pillars of strength’ that are represented by the letters of the word GERMAN:


  • Gentleman

  • Earnestness

  • Reputation and Responsibility

  • Manhood

  • Aim

  • Name


The German Club Ritual is a document that describes the meaning behind each of these letters and defines the obligations of the German Club and its members.