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Giving through the German Club

Giving through the VT Foundation

Thank you for wanting to donate to  the Foundation for the Future Campaign. Below are some instructions informing you on how to give through the Virginia Tech Foundation. Your contribution is appreciated!

Giving Online

For the online form to give through Virginia Tech under the "Select an Area" drop-down menu at the top right of the form, select the "Student Organizations" option.   Another drop-down menu will appear labeled the "Select a fund."  Select the option "German Club Alumni Account" as the fund you wish to donate to.  

Giving by Mail

Below is the pledge form for those who want to send in a donation by mail to the Virginia Tech Foundation. 

Below is a link to a Virginia Tech Foundation page explaining various ways to give to the GCAF through the university.  Contact the GCAF Executive Director (, 540-552-6830) if you have additional questions.